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Pacificus Wind Vane 

The Pacificus wind vane, which was erected in 2010, replaced the crown wind vane that had been in place since 1953 in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Based on local legend, Pacificus was a devoted monk at St Benet's Abbey in the 15th century, who came to Ranworth Church everyday with his dog, Caesar, to restore the rood screen.

Pacificus Wind Vane on top of St Helen's Church, Ranworth

His devotion to the abbey was tested when one day he was rowing back from Ranworth only to see St Benet's ablaze and plundered. Whilst all of the other monks fled to seek refuge in monasteries overseas, Pacificus could not bring himself to leave the place he loved so much. He remained at St Benet's abbey, continuing his work on the Ranworth rood screen, until his death, upon which he was buried in the church yard.  

Nearing the end of the construction of the wind vane

A page from 'A Story of Ranworth in 1538'

The original drawing for the Pacificus wind vane

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